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South Haven Pier Lighthouse Webcam

Webcam South Haven Pier Lighthouse

South Haven Light Webcam

This live-streaming South Haven Pier Lighthouse webcam displays a live 360-degree seaside panoramic view around South Haven, Michigan.

The South Haven Pier Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse located on the south pier of the harbor in South Haven, Michigan, United States. The lighthouse was first built in 1872 and has undergone several renovations and upgrades since then.

The current structure is a 35-foot-tall cylindrical tower made of cast iron and painted white, with a black lantern room on top. The lighthouse is automated and operated by the United States Coast Guard, and its light flashes every six seconds to guide ships entering and leaving the harbor.

The South Haven Pier Lighthouse is a popular tourist attraction and is open for tours during the summer months. Visitors can climb up the spiral staircase to the lantern room to enjoy panoramic views of the harbor and Lake Michigan.

In addition to its role as a navigational aid, the lighthouse has also played an important role in the local community. During World War II, the lighthouse was used as a lookout post to watch for enemy submarines in Lake Michigan. Today, it stands as a symbol of South Haven’s rich maritime history and is an important landmark for residents and visitors alike.

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