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Guttenberg, Iowa Live Webcam

Live Railcam View of Guttenberg, Iowa

The Canadian Pacific Marquette Sub, located at North 3rd St in Guttenberg, Iowa, is a section of railway track that runs through the picturesque town of Guttenberg along the western banks of the Mississippi River. The Marquette Sub is part of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) network, which is a major Class I railroad in North America.

The track at North 3rd St in Guttenberg is well-maintained and features a single mainline track that runs in a north-south direction, parallel to the Mississippi River. The track is typically surrounded by lush greenery and offers scenic views of the river, making it a popular spot for rail enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

The Marquette Sub at North 3rd St in Guttenberg sees regular train traffic, with Canadian Pacific trains passing through hauling various types of freight such as coal, grain, chemicals, and other commodities. Trains on this line are typically pulled by powerful diesel locomotives adorned with the distinctive red and white livery of Canadian Pacific.

The area around the Marquette Sub at North 3rd St is known for its railfan-friendly environment, with several vantage points that offer good views of passing trains. Railfans can often be seen capturing photos or videos of the trains as they rumble through the area. There may also be railroad crossings equipped with safety features such as lights and gates to ensure the safe passage of trains and vehicles.

The Canadian Pacific Marquette Sub at North 3rd St in Guttenberg, Iowa, is a vital transportation route that connects various communities and industries in the region and contributes to the efficient movement of goods across North America.